There are no shortage of reasons to consider Japan's Evisen as one of the best brands on the international skateboarding scene.

Keeping a strong link with its national culture, Evisen's colourful board designs are a contemporary and surreal, take on the traditional Japanese artistic technique of Ukiyo-e.

Literally meaning “Pictures of the Floating World” Ukiyo-e refers to a style of  woodblock print and painting from the Edo period that depicted  beautiful courtesans, city life, erotic scenes, battles with monsters, and travel in romantic landscapes.

Whilst serving as a means of communication and entertainment Ukiyo-e was also intended to highlight the sensory pleasures of urban life, and to offer a bittersweet reminder of the fleeting nature of the world we live in. 

It's these cultural references, and graphic quality, that sets the Evisen apart from the rest. And why they are one of our favourite brands.



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